Alien ROM for Motorola Photon 4G

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Alien ROM

Alien ROM provides a concocted stew of Blur, Gingerbread, and Green for your Photon 4G. Motorola’s Blur functionality stays intact, but the Alien theme brings a hint of envious green to the party. Don’t worry! This ROM’s available with the stock Motorola theme if you’re not interested in a drastic change.

Check out our review of the Motorola Photon 4G.


-PNG Optimized
-Zipaligned (system and data apps)
-HSPA/3G icons are different (reports with accuracy)
-SIP not WiFi only
-Some bloat removed
-Skip blur setup option
-Network select menu open
-Menu button lockscreen bypass (when unsecured)
-Touchscreen MOD (5 fingers)
-Google Talk over 3G
-Dock Settings
-Modded stock Android Launcher for speed and Blur widget compatibility
-Inverted applications and Settings
-Juwe11 optimizations (modded for Photon)
-Superuser Beta
-Proximity sensor hack on build.prop
-GPU hack on build.prop
-WiFi battery saving hack on build.prop
-Google Android 2.3.5 application framework


Version 1.1
– Fixed “Voice Search” problem with theme


Download Build #1
Alien theme: Download Theme 1.1

Check out our review of the Motorola Photon 4G.



  1. Mount the Photon 4G as USB storage
  2. Place the Alien ROM zip and Alien Theme zip on the SD card
  3. Reboot into custom recovery
  4. Install zip from sdcard
  5. Choose the Alien ROM zip file
  6. Reboot system
  7. If you want the stock Motorola theme, then you’re done. If not, continue with Step 8.
  8. Reboot into custom recovery
  9. Install zip from sdcard
  10. Choose the Alien Theme zip file
  11. Reboot system

Do not install the themed zip file on top of the stock Motorola theme without rebooting first.

10 responses to “Alien ROM for Motorola Photon 4G”

  1. Sasidhar G B says:

    How about 4g will that work?

  2. Babyoche says:

    8/16/2011 Just a quick update on the 4g issue,
    most likely this will go unresolved until your kernel source is released
    and someone with the appropriate skills in kernel hacking fixes your
    ATAGS passed by the bootloader. For now you can either be unlocked and
    use 3g, or locked and use Wimax/4g. Pick your poison, at least neither
    is a permanent thing.

  3. Tony Atkinson says:

    Great first real ROM for Photon, runs flawless and decent benchmark.

    • Ignacio Ciani says:

       Hi all, i’ ve got 1 question. I’m using the stock sprint rom of the photon (2.3.4). I’m using GSM, because i’m from argentina. Can i use this rom without any problem? Can i flash it?
      Thanks you all!

  4. ok2much11 says:

    Any way to flash this to USCC version of the Photon? The Electrify?

    Can’t get past contacting network.

    • Ikaceman1 says:

      Do you by chance have the original USCC ROM? I did the same thing and my backup failed. I am in desperate need of the ROM. If you do have a working USCC ROM how did you back it up? Wishing USCC was more supported with ROMS…

      Thanks,Ikaceman1 :)

      • ok2much11 says:

        This is a stock-ish rom. Not much testing yet.

        I can get you a copy of a backup. I’ll have to remove my info from it though so I’ll get back to you on that.

        • Ikaceman1 says:

          I would greatly appreciate it. After I have the ROM I can just do android recovery and it will wipe it clean while keeping the rom. Please let me know I am in desperate need of a phone. You would be my hero! :)

          • Ikaceman1 says:

            Two questions. I downloaded the ROM, but I can not get to the select backup and restore and backup your ROM. How do you do that? Second, How do I get to the menu to launch “install from sdcard? They might be in the same menu? I was hoping for a sbf file… I am lost

  5. Russ says:

    The link is broken man….i would love to try this