5 Worthwhile Security Features In the Modern Mobile Tech World

Filed under News by Adam Torkildson on October 6, 2016 at 11:04 AM

It can feel very freeing to be connected to all of your information all the time now because of cell phone and mobile phone technology, but that freedom also comes with some security risks if you aren’t careful. And what that means, is that every time to update to a new technology, you should update your protection schemes as well.

Five topics to understand when it comes to security features include VPN connections, password managers, fraud notifications from your banks and credit card companies, WordPress security plugins, and even just simple lock screens on your cell phones and mobile devices. Each has a place in making sure your privacy stays secure.

VPN Connections

One of the slightly less well-understood security features that can perform an important privacy function in the modern tech world is the VPN or virtual private network. There are several reasons to use a VPN, including a desire to have an untraceable feed coming from your internet connection, to get around certain geographical internet restrictions, and to funnel traffic through a personal server.

Password Managers

Because more and more sites are requesting that you use more secure passwords, and every site also wants you to use an individual password, it’s nearly impossible to remember everything you need on your own. And that’s where installing a password manager comes into play. Either for free or a generally reasonable fee, you can use a password manager where you only have to remember one code, and it essentially unlocks all of your needed passwords in a ┬ávault for ultimate efficiency and security.

Financial Institution Fraud Notifications

As far as security goes within the financial circuit, if you set up fraud protection through your bank and your credit card companies, you can instantly have protection against the worst kinds of identity theft. If any kind of strange behavior or charges are noted, you’ll immediately get notified to look at the charges, and potentially change your password or login details as required. This is the single best way not to have your financial persona hacked.

WordPress Security Plugins

If you run a WordPress site, there are all sorts of known discrepancies that hackers can get in to access your personal and private data. The best way to keep hackers out is to install WordPress security plugins that shore up those holes in the web infrastructure of your site.

Lock Screens

How many terrible things do you think have happened because people didn’t take time to set up the lock screens on their personal or business phones? Someone got ahold of them, on purpose or by accident, and suddenly has access to photos, emails, documents, and everything else with a few button pushes. No matter how safe you think you are, set up lock screens for every device you have.


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