5 Ways To Use Mobile Social Media To Enjoy Your Next Vacation More

Filed under News by Adam Torkildson on January 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Since social media has become more prevalent, and even central, to much of the human experience, there have been a lot of complaints about how it’s actually caused more disconnection and unrest than it has connection and happiness. But when it comes to something like a vacation, there are ways that you can use social media to deepen your experience in a way that makes sense both to you and your virtual world.


Consider that the following are five ways to use mobile social media to enjoy your next vacation more, with respect to resort connectivity, predefined hours for connection, tagging photos, having a separate camera, and following trends and hashtags.


Check Your Resort for Connectivity


Whatever eventual vacation resort you choose, in order to use mobile social media properly, you have to check their basic connectivity. This means figuring out if you’ll be able to use Wi-Fi from your room, or if you have an LTE connection, or you need a hardwire for a laptop, or any other set of circumstances that’s eventually available. It’s important to check this info in advance.


Pick Predefined Hours for Connection


And to avoid conflict with the members of your vacation party, it’s a good idea to pick predefined hours for social media connection. The biggest complaint about social media is that people don’t pay attention to each other in person anymore, so if you make a vacation rule in advance which hours everyone should check their phone during, that will nip that sense of aggravation right in the bud, and allow everyone to focus on each other the rest of the time.


Tag Wisely


Two types of tags during vacations are location and people. In order for everyone to enjoy vacation activities, they have to know what the rules are for tagging each other in photos, and the rules for giving away specific locations during that time. You don’t want to irritate each other with privacy concerns just because you don’t want to talk about it in advance.


Get a Camera Separate from Your Phone


Another way to enjoy your next vacation more by having the appropriate relationship with social media is to take a camera that’s separate from your phone. This will force you to pay more attention to your photograph than what app you’re going to send it through immediately after you take it. It’s all about intention in this case.


Follow Trends and Hashtags


And when you’re on vacation, what’s wrong with using local trends and hashtags to decide where to go next? If you learn the right way to follow social apps like Twitter, you can find amazing things anywhere in real time!

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