5 Tips For Tech-Savvy Community Advertising

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on February 9, 2017 at 6:22 AM

Advertising on a community level is something that has rapidly changed in the last several years. As new types of technology have emerged, especially surrounding the idea of mobile phones, and as new types of connections have blossomed through the use of social media, even the concepts of advertising and branding have taken on new light.

So, if you’re trying to advertise anything on a community level, there are definitely tips that you can follow to increase your net of influence, including looking along property lines, linking to social pages, using geo-tagging, creating social events, and even just being aware of information infrastructure.

Look Along Property Lines

In any area, if you find property management companies that serve the community, you can get a better idea of things like resident density, basic quality of living, how an area is split economically and culturally, and many other helpful bits of information. You aren’t going to be able to advertise or promote much through those companies necessarily, but you’ll be gather data about how to make your own web of knowledge spread through a physical location.

Link To Social Pages

As a high-tech advertiser, part of your job is to link people together in order to get your message out, and by using your personal or business profile to create social pages, or even just link to them, then you’ll have an opt-in formula for promoting whatever it is that you need. Just be sure to add as much information of value to the group outside of your industry as in, so that people don’t feel like they’re being tricked.

Use Geo-Tagging

If you have advertisements that you’re running that are targeted at a specific area, make sure that you use geo-tagging in posts and in applications. This additional information that you stick on your output will allow people to better search what they’re looking for, and also makes a difference in terms of what page of results your links come back on.

Create Social Events

If you create a social event in a community, and then advertise it as an event, when people come, that’s when you can choose to get your branding across. Rather than try to do the advertising first, you can use technology to group people together as a social unit, and then add advertising to the mix once that bond has occurred.

Be Aware of Web Infrastructure

In some smaller communities, web infrastructure isn’t as strong as it could be. People don’t have as much access to things like high-speed web access in public areas (or even as a service provided). Be careful when advertising high-volume ads or streaming material in this case, as the slowness of graphic-heavy browsing can immediately have people looking elsewhere for distraction.

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