5 Simple Ways to Make Your Mobile Phone Speed Up

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on July 20, 2017 at 10:43 AM

Are you one of those thousands of people who suffer from a slow Android Phone? A slow phone is one of the most frustrating things there is. Sometimes, it gets frustrating enough to make you smash it into the ground. However, we strongly recommend against that, especially because we have compiled for you a list of some simple and easy ways to make your phone faster.

Keep it Less Crowded

The most simple way to get your phone to work fast is by deleting or freezing apps you do not use. Other than that, if the internal memory of your phone is low, do not keep any songs or thousands of pictures there. Clear up all the space you can. Other than that, keep a cleaning app on your phone which can make background apps hibernate and help you clear your cache. Both of these are easy ways to keep your phone working efficiently.

Widgets and Live Tiles

Keep a light hand on widgets and live tiles since these run constantly and are huge contributors to making your phone work slow. Other than a clock and maybe a calendar, there are not many useful widgets available anyways. Make it a habit to look up other things yourself. No, not keeping a hundred widgets on your phone will not make you less cool, don’t worry.

Root Your Phone

Another great way to make your really fast is by rooting it. Rooting your phone using a reliable rooting service helps your phone gain access to many apps that are not easily available on the Play Store and otherwise. These apps have been said to make your phone work really fast and also improve battery life. Be warned though, rooting is a risky process and you need to take great precaution in order to benefit from it.

SD Card

An SD card can be a boon or a bane. This is because it allows you to store some applications, music and photos on it which frees up space in your internet memory which, in turn, keeps your phone running fast. But other than that, an SD card must also be cleared up and monitored regularly. This is because it easily gets corrupted when you download too much data into it and in turn makes your phone really slow as well. Other than that, many antiviruses do not extend their reach to an SD card either so you have to do the monitoring yourself. Another thing that contributes to you having a slow phone is an SD card which is much higher in memory than the internal memory of your phone.

Reset Your Device

If all else fails, one sure fire way to make your phone work as amazingly as it did when it was brand new is by making it undergo a factory reset. Remember to back all your data up since your phone will be formatted completely and you will lose all your data.

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