5 Random Expressions Of Excellence In Mobile Technology

Filed under News by Adam Torkildson on April 4, 2017 at 6:55 AM

It is safe to say that mobile technology has come a long way over the past twenty years.  In the 90’s, the cool kids had beepers and a quarter to “call someone who cares.”  In 2017, the cool kids have a plethora of insanely capable digital devices along with the newest version of Apple’s iPhone or the latest Galaxy model.

It may be time to start writing articles about all the things mobile technology cannot do, so the list will not be so lengthy.  Mind-boggling advancements in handheld technology have revolutionized how we live, work, and communicate.  Check out a few random expressions of excellence in mobile technology today.

Mobile excellence in vehicles

Smartphone integration in today’s automobiles is out of this world.  It was unbelievable when we gained the ability to plug our phones into the car to listen to music, but now there are so many more capabilities.

Bluetooth capabilities are only the tip of the excellence iceberg in the automotive industry.  Ford’s new SYNC 3 capability offers the ability to control music, other types of media, and conversation with a few simple voice commands.

Mobile excellence in entertainment

The ability of our cell phones to keep us occupied for hours is rapidly growing.  Users have a high definition television in the palm of their hands.  Not only can mobile phone owners watch just about anything they can think up, but they can listen to almost anything as well.

Listen, watch, play, and whatever else we need our phones to accomplish, they can probably handle.  There is most likely an app for that.  Not to mention, mobile gameplay is getting crazy awesome with realism and detail.

Mobile excellence in the home

Our cell phones are capable of linking via a digital connection to the mechanical brain that some of our homes now contain.  Smart homes, smart phones, and smart connections make for an incredibly intertwined mobile tech experience.

Soon, there will be no need to do any ordinary household chores, because the house will clean itself.  Technology is exponentially expanding its capabilities daily.  Mobile phone tech is no different.

Mobile excellence in business

Google makes mobile phones that are a dream for business professionals.  Our mobile phones can now create Microsoft Word documents, spreadsheets, and much more.  We can host team meetings through our mobile Skype application.  There is not much our cell phones cannot accomplish.

Mobile excellence in communication

Obviously, mobile phones are built for communication, but the way we use them to communicate has definitely changed over the years.  Programs like Facetime, Skype, and Snapchat offer a bit of variety and fun to the concept of communication.

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