5 Hi-Tech Ways To Control an Outdoor Environment’s Feel

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on February 13, 2017 at 8:27 AM

When it comes to the idea of controlling the feel of an outdoor environment, there are a lot of variables at play. But, technology is there to help you create a sensory wrap of your choice, within reason. It’s worth consider that the mobile aspects of some of these controls can make your ability to do this more efficient and possibly intriguing as well.

Consider for a moment that you want to set up a business meeting in an outdoor environment. You can use tech to establish outdoor fires, creative lighting, and fantastic audio quality. Beyond that, you can also find modern ways to approach comfortable seating or even landscaping.

Outdoor Fires

Utilizing outdoor fire and heating systems can create a great effect on any outdoor environment. It’s always important to work with temperature control, whether you’re trying to heat or cool a space, but adding neat visual elements through the use of modern tech shows that you’re willing to take that next step in order to impress. You’ll see that in a lot of high-end hotels, they use permanent fixtures on rooftops or in meeting areas to great advantage.

Creative Lighting

In an outdoor setting, as long as there isn’t too much danger of torrential rain, you can do a lot with creative lighting. New LED bulbs are bright, powerful, and controllable (sometimes even through phone apps!), and there are all kinds of interesting ways to hang the new Christmas-style lights that are so popular during the holidays. You don’t have to break them out just during those seasons, you know! You can always use them for subtle mood lighting year round.

Great Sound

In the past, it used to be a pain to get speakers arranged because of all of the wires involved. But now, you can buy bluetooth wireless systems that have range, power, and convenience, and once again, they can be controlled easily be a few phone apps. It’s never been easier to create the perfect outdoor sonic environment.

Comfortable Seating

Though it might seem strange to think that technology can help improve the comfort of chairs and couches, you’d still do well do think of all the new materials that are being used for cushions and waterproofing. Get them all arranged accordingly, and everyone at your meeting will be in your created lap of luxury.

Basic Landscaping

And finally, it’s important that in an outdoor setting you have your basic landscaping set properly. From the technology side of things, you can use a few different planning apps, or even some of those augmented reality ones, to test out different ideas about where to put different plants, trees, bushes, flowers, or even furniture. The tech is available, so use it!

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