5 best free apps on the PlayStore

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The open source nature of Android OS brought it to this height today. It is the most widely-used mobile Operating System of the time. And the open source nature of Google has made it possible for the app makers to create plenty of fantastic apps for Android OS.

And surprisingly, most of the good stuff on Android is totally free! Thanks to the work of developers who has made it possible. A plenty of free apps can be found free in the PlayStore©. But some of them are like ‘a must’ for the Android users.


So here’s our pick of the 5 top and free Android apps users should install to enjoy Android completely:


There are many Android-based Twitter apps, but we’re suggesting Seesmic. It simply offers support for multiple Twitter accounts, a home page widget that shows latest tweets, and an incredibly attractive and professional design to please your mind.

WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android is a very feature-packed application. It allows full integration with other apps, letting the user spin content and send it directly to the app for easy updating. You can update more images through the application than the previous version.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles lets you take photos, let Google analyze them and come back with a search results page for what it thinks you’re looking at. Basically, the app’s main use is as a QR code reader. It lets you scan barcodes for quick access to apps and websites embed in the little data squares.


This app lets you upload your photos to Flickr and also lets you capture photos from within the app and comes with a set of filters to edit them. You can hipsterise your life with ease with the application. It supports sharing photos with Twitter and Facebook, so your other friends can also enjoy results of today’s snapping session.


The insanely popular stuff-syncing app Dropbox has arrived with its Android version. Dropbox  lacks in the auto-syncing options that many users were hoping for, but it still works as expected. You need to download files to your phone to edit or share, which was not quite expected by the desktop Dropbox users; but it’s still Dropbox on Android!

Download them now and enjoy your Android experience!

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