5 Apps to Help You Keep Your Life Together – and Organize It

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Whether you manage a business or just yourself – keeping your life organized can be a challenge. From bills to important documents – from your health to fitness – it can be difficult to remember everything you have to do, and much less get around to actually doing them.

Luckily – there’s a ton of technology out there designed to help you with your everyday tasks. According to Mike Saile, managing attorney of Cordisco and Saile, LLC, “A lot of people categorize themselves as ‘forgetful.’ I’ve met people who have done everything from forget a bill for so long that they got in trouble, to forget to pick up their pet from the groomer. But, a lot of my friends have made use of smartphone apps to help remind them to do. things and keep them organized. This can really be a lifesaver if you’re prone to forgetting important things.”

If you have a smartphone, many of these services can be found in app form for cheap – or free. Apps can help you do everything from budget for your upcoming bill payments, to remind you to drink the right amount of water per day to stay hydrated.


Tracking and maintaining a strict and accurate budget can be incredibly difficult for the unorganized person. Luckily, there’s plenty of services out there designed to help you. Mint is an app that’s designed not only to help you keep track of your spending and monetary information all in one place – it helps you to design a budget based on your spending patterns. Once the budget is created, it also notifies you if you go over, or stay under budget – which will help you plan for future budgets.

It’s an easy to use, all-in-one service designed to help keep the average person organized and aware of their finances without extra hassle. It’s easy to check and maintain – and perfect for the person who doesn’t know a good way to budget on their own, or just prefers to have things taken care of for them without too much hassle.

Organize your Files

Business, personal, or anything in between – you have to keep your files organized or you’re asking for disaster to strike. Some people are perfectly happy to design their own intricate filing system on their personal computers and in paper form – but some people don’t have time for that around everything else they need to do. For those people, there’s plenty of organizational apps out there designed to help. One of the most popular is Evernote.

This service is a cloud-based file storage system that can keep all of your important documents organized. Not only can you manually organize things in their system – they also offer a high-advanced search feature, which can find keywords in documents as well as pictures and PDFs – so if you organized something in the wrong place, or just didn’t organize them at all, you can still find what you need without digging forever trying to find it.

Plan your Meals

It can be hard to find time in the day to plan meals with so many other things going on. But, many people who don’t find time to plan their meals find that they end up eating out more than they should – or just generally eating in unhealthy ways. Well, there’s an app to help you plan your meals as well! Designed to fit each person’s unique taste and dietary restrictions, Mealime helps you plan your meals for the week, and puts together a grocery list for you to execute said meals – without much effort on your part at all.

When you first sign up for the app, you simply input your tastes, allergies or dietary restrictions, and how many meals you want planned – and the app does the rest. It gives you the shopping list, the recipes, prep time, and more, to ensure that you can save time while still eating healthy at home.

Find Cheap Gas

Nobody likes paying for gas. And if you live in the city, or near a major highway, you know that you’re paying too much for gas every time you stop at the nearest gas station. Luckily, there’s an app for this as well: GasBuddy. This app allows users to post when they find cheap gas prices, ranking them for the area.

This app also has the addresses of the gas stations and their distance from you location. The mobile app also allows you to pull up a map and gives you directions to the gas station – ensuring that you don’t waste gas getting lost while looking for cheaper gas options.


Keep Hydrated

Let’s face it – everyone forgets to drink enough water. No matter what you do, chances are you forget to drink enough water during the day and end up thirsty and irritated later in the day. Since app developers know that people forget even an easy thing like drinking water, there’s a ton of different apps out there, designed to help you remember. There’s all sorts, from apps that offer games or pets, to apps that have plants in them. But, one of the simplest apps available is called Daily Water.

This simple app does only what it needs to – it reminds you to drink water periodically, keeps track of how much you drink, and logs that data in case you need it later. You can set how much water you would like to drink, when you want to be reminded, and more with this app. Now you can stay hydrated without thinking about it, and focus on other things that need your attention.

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