4 Places To Use Mobile Connectivity To Check Sales Numbers

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on April 2, 2017 at 9:33 AM

One of the best things about mobile devices that are constantly connected to the web is the fact that you always have the power to check numbers. Lots of salesmen-type people in the past relied on the fact that they could pressure you into purchasing something because you had no way to check to see if what many of the things they were saying were actually true from a financial standpoint. But now, thanks to the mobile revolution, as long as you at least know how to do an effective search through a browser on your phone, you’re good to go!

Four specific situations where this mobile benefit might come into play include when you’re looking into automotive loans at a dealership, when you’re trying to get the best prices on electronics, when you’re at timeshare meetings, or when you’re in another environment where high-pressure tactics are the norm.

Automotive Loans

When you’re at a car dealership, there’s lots of pressure on you in terms of financing, and a big part of that is the salespeople there will try to get you to sign up for an auto loan. Now, it can be a good deal or a bad deal, but with your phone, you can check. That’s the huge difference between these days and even ten years ago or so. Now you can make sure that you aren’t getting scammed on the spot, and, it potentially gives you some power to tell a dealership that you’ll go somewhere else if you don’t feel like you’re getting the best deal possible, based on the information that you have.

Best Prices On Electronics

There are a lot of commercial companies, brands, and stores now that offer best prices on electronics. But the question is, do you believe that they’re giving you the best deal just because they look things up? If you have a mobile device on you, you can check their numbers. In fact, there are even websites set up so that they do all the checking for you – you can just entire a product name or sometimes even scan a barcode.

Timeshare Meetings

If you even been invited to a timeshare meeting, then you know the kind of pressure that they put on you to buy, because of numbers they appear to create out of thin air at the meetings. Make sure you have your phone on you! When they cite statistics, you can check them live, especially before you agree to buy anything.

High-Pressure Demonstrations

In general, whenever you’re anywhere that people in charge are working with high-pressure tactics, your best line of defense is real numbers, and that’s where mobile technology is going to be your best friend. You can do real-time checks to see if they’re lying or fudging numbers, and from there you can make educated decisions about purchases rather than emotional ones.

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