4 Must-Have Mobile Apps

Filed under Guides by Adam Torkildson on April 6, 2017 at 1:17 PM

When it comes to mobile apps it seems that there is something made for virtually anything that yo can think of.  Before you can even imagine inventing it, there are already 5 new apps on the market for just that very thing.

There are certain applications, however, that stand out as being especially helpful in our day to day lives. They take away the stress of having to do things manually or in old fashioned ways.  A lot these apps are free and take up minimal space on your phone.

Here are the top must-have apps for your Smartphone and why.


Banking on the go has never been easier.  With this application which connects directly to multiple banking accounts, you can see all of you transactions in real time with just the swipe of a finger. Not only can you see transactions and pending incoming payments, but you can also create budgets based on your spending patterns that this financial application creates for you.

Once upon a time, people had to carry around a small book with a pencil and manually write in every transaction they made in hopes of being able to keep up with everything they were spending their money on.  However with applications like this, keeping on top of your finances is a breeze.  You lessen the risk of overspending or having to get yourself out of debt from pesky overdue fees and interest.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is an instant messaging service which provides a platform for you to be able to communicate with anyone in the world who you choose to.  Not only can you receive texts in real time but it also comes equipped with the capability of sending photos, audio files, videos, and even customized emojis.

Why pay for international messaging or MMS when you can have it all for free on this application.  Extra features include hidden messages which expire immediately after sending or group messages with multiple people.  You can even do video calls with high-quality streaming videos.  All for the price of nothing!  You don’t even have to look at advertising banners.


Instagram may just seem like a social networking platform to post selfies and food photos onto.  However, it has become so much more than that.  Some businesses use Instagram as their main business platform since there is such an enormous audience every day.

Not only can you set it up for your business but you can also use it for instant messaging.  Also for free!

Cam Scanner

Sometimes you have to send a fax, and let’s face it, we don’t always have a fax machine handy unless you work in an office.  This app makes it possible to take a photo of your desired document and faxes it for the price of $1 a page!  Much handier than having to run to a Kinko’s or FedEx.

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