4 Must Have Apps For Parents

Filed under Our Reviews by Adam Torkildson on August 23, 2017 at 3:55 AM

Technology is something that many people embrace in this modern age since it makes our lives easier than ever.  With a simple click of a few buttons something that would have taken us much more effort a decade ago now takes a few seconds.

Never has technology made it easier to be able to be a parent.  Why get in your car and drive all over town to multiple locations purchasing different things when you can have it all in the palm of your hand on your phone.  Here are some of the hottest must-have apps for parents who want to make their lives easier.

Symptom Checker

If your child suffers an injury or starts to show symptoms that you would like to know more about, a symptom checker app is a parent’s best friend.  By being able to search through a large database and compare symptoms to your current situation, you can make a rough assessment before going to the doctor.

This way you can educate yourself on the major signs of serious illness or injuries in order to know what to do next.  It is always advised to go to a health professional rather than self-diagnosing but it is always helpful to have a list of symptoms on hand.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a great way to be able to allow your child the freedom of discovering online content but with the comfort of knowing that it is censored for children.  YouTube Kids has minimal advertising which is only geared towards children and filters out anything that isn’t suited for young kids.

Being able to rest easy knowing that your child isn’t watching anything that could be inappropriate for their young minds is a great comfort as a parent.


WhatsApp is a great application which makes it easy to voice call or video chat with your family wherever you are in the world regardless of whether both of you have FaceTime or not.\

This can be great for keeping in touch with grandparents who live out of the state, or if you are on a business trip and want to say goodnight to your kids.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a great app which offers educational interactive content with a rich user experience.  Parents can get a few free moments to themselves while knowing that their children are watching something on the device which is educational and enriching their minds rather than simply distracting it.

There are a variety of games as well as videos of your favorite educational cartoons.  Kids can browse between their favorite characters and choose different kinds of games.  This can be something that they can do on their own or can be enjoyed as a multi player activity.

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