4 Main Reasons Why LG G5 is Better than iPhone 6s

Filed under Editorials by Adam Torkildson on June 29, 2016 at 9:17 AM

LG has yet again released another addition to its G series, the LG G5. This latest smartphone is the first-ever all-metal body entry from the company. However, there are some twists that make the G5 a more interesting and exciting gadget.

Apparently, the G5 is being compared to Apple’s iPhone 6s and it can be assumed that it is better than the latter. Here are various reasons why the G5 may be a more desirable smartphone than the 6s.


One of the best features of the G5 is its camera. It boasts a 16-megapixel rear shooter and an 8-megapixel front snapper with 135-degree lens that allows you to capture wider shot. Additionally, its performance in recording at 4K and low light makes the smartphone stand out. Aside from the megapixels, there are a lot of factors to be considered when judging a phone’s camera like different photo modes and voice command in taking that selfie.

Modular design and removable battery

The G5 sports a modular design that makes it more customizable and a preferable choice for professional users. You can simply plug accessories to its lower dock and it will give you additional features such as Cam Plus and Hi-Fi Plus. As for the battery, compared to iPhone 6S, its battery is removable and can be replaced. This is a great feature since lithium batteries degrade when used for several years.

Micro SD card slot

If you are looking for a smartphone that allows you to store more data and applications, then you can opt for the G5. It comes with 32GB internal storage right out of the box and a micro SD card slot to boost your storage space. Unlike the 6s, which you cannot expand its storage space, the G5 has this built-in card slot to add more space on your smartphone.

Fingerprint scanner location

Another feature of the G5 that truly stands out is its fingerprint sensor location and fast recognition. The sensor is positioned at the back of the phone, which is said to be the best position when you are holding the smartphone in your hands. There is no need to adjust your hand when you unlock it, for you can reach it easily. Also, the sensor’s positioning is way more natural than the 6s.

Now that this new smartphone has been out in the market already, you can purchase it either online or through some physical stores. The LG G5 at Harvey Norman is now available and you may order one today. Definitely, it will be a worthy smartphone that offers ground-breaking features at a very competitive price.

All in all, this advanced smartphone from the South Korean multinational electronics company is truly impressive. The performance of the G5 is also striking, for it allows each user to do things easily and quickly. Being LG’s flagship phone, G5 is competing head to head with the 6s because of the innovative features added to it. This is why it could actually be a better smartphone than the iPhone.

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