4 Great Mobile Apps Especially Designed for Veterans 

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If you are a veteran – or a veteran is a member of your family – you may already know there is a VA App Store that offers smartphone apps – both for iOS and Android devices that are of particular use to most veterans. What you may not know is that there are also apps in the standard app stores that may be very useful as well. Here’s a look at some of the best of them available right now.


The Milisource app is offered by Defense Mobile, a cell service provider that caters specifically to veterans and active service members, but you do not have to be their customer to make use of it.

In basic terms, it’s a handy reference to help find all kinds of things. Need to find veterans lawyers or TDIU to help you navigate the early stages of your new life outside the service? The app will help. Wondering what discounts your veteran status might entitle you to at stores, when traveling, or even when shopping online? It can be of great assistance there too. And it even has a social networking function specifically designed for military personnel and veterans that can be a great source of support and friendship.

The app is available free of charge in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android users and is well worth a place on your phone.


Rallypoint is another social network designed specifically for military members and veterans and the mobile app is perhaps the easiest way to make use of it. You can search for new contacts based on a number of criteria – area of service, years served, rank, and several more factors. In addition to the social aspect there is also a great job search feature that lists employment opportunities for vets of all ages that are often not advertised elsewhere.

Again, the Rallypoint app is completely free and is offered in both major app stores.


According to the latest VA figures 13% of veterans end up abusing alcohol, drugs or both. Many get frustrated when seeking help and recovery as civilian support groups are often not very helpful in addressing their needs and experiences as they simply haven’t ‘been there’. Vetchange is an app created by the VA in conjunction with several prominent recovery programs that acts as a digital sponsor for veterans struggling with alcohol and substance abuse issues while also helping users connect to local groups better suited to their unique needs. The Vetchange app is available in the Apple App Store and an Android version is in development.

PTSD Coach

For years the concept of PTSD and its effect on veterans was misunderstood and often very much overlooked. At this point the VA is stepping up its efforts to change that and the PTSD Coach app is a part of those efforts.

The app features a number of helpful techniques that can be practiced alone to build day to day coping skills. There’s also an interface to immediately connect with help in a crisis. PTSD Coach is offered in both iPhone and Android versions and can be downloaded free of charge from the VA App Store.

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