3 Apps That Make The Complicated Simple

Filed under Our Reviews by Adam Torkildson on September 5, 2017 at 7:59 AM

There are so many things and events in life that we will encounter along the way. There is no way possible to know everything we need to know for each and everyone of them. Some are parents, some are business leaders, the majority of us hold a job or go to school, and most of us have some sort of hobby or extracurricular activity that we are a part of.

There are those of us that do all of the above. After that is all said and done, we are also required to learn new things along the way, like how to shop for a car or new home, how to manage our medical bills, and how to help our children find the right college. These are the things Mom and Dad usually don’t cover when we are growing up. So, here are some apps that make things like that a little easier on the brain.

Vinny 2.0

Now this app has used car buying down to a science. Have you ever wondered what the real value of the car you are presently looking at is? Vinny can help. With one short scan of the vehicle’s VIN number, Vinny calculates a precise wholesale auction value of that used car in seconds by cross-comparing data .

In a very short time, you can view thousands of options and compare just as many prices without wasting the gas to visit multiple car lots. This app will pay for itself several times over, especially when it comes to helping your child purchase their first car. Not only will it save you time and money, it will give information the dealers are hoping you don’t have or have access to.


Communication is everything in business – and in most aspects of life, for that matter. Ever have the need to reach many people at one time for business purposes? Social media is ok for this sort of thing, but not appropriate when talking business. Fuze is an app that allows you not only to connect the employees in your local facility, but also to the extensions of the company that may be as far away as another country.

Being able to communicate with everyone at the same time allows a company the privilege of extra time and keeps down on misunderstandings, as well. It’s like the ultimate video conference. It also incorporates education materials to help you know how to expand your communication needs in the future and makes you look like a genius doing it.


Asking you if you have ever needed some time to chill and recenter your thoughts would be like asking a two year old if they want a sucker. Pointless. We all need some time to get away to some place quiet, if not silent, and allow our brains some time to recuperate, breathe, if you will. Meditation is a great way to do that. Calm is an app that can help. Calm offers a selection of background sounds such as falling rain, a crackling fire, or celestial white noise. It also gives you the opportunity to hear a bedtime story (these aren’t by Dr. Suess) to help lull you to sleep at night and comes complete with several meditation routines. This app helps you relax and relaxing helps you concentrate better, again, making you a little smarter than you were before.

You really can do anything you put your mind to and doing it is much easier now due to these three apps and apps like it.

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