3 Apps That Can Save Your Life

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React Mobile offers a line of personal safety producMobile apps are more than just fun and games. There are apps designed to help save your life. Apps can be used when going on a date, going to the movies or just walking in the park. Peace of mind and security are what the following five apps offer.

1. bSafe Personal Safety App

The bSafe app has been acquired by another company, but the app remains a vital part of the personal safety community. When using bSafe, the idea is that you never have to walk alone again. You’ll always have an extra pair of eyes watching over you as you walk.

This app unlocks a slew of features, such as:

  • SOS – An alarm that alerts friends via messages of your location. A 10-second video is also provided when the alarm is activated. You can activate the SOS feature through voice or touch.
  • Fake Call – A fake phone call that can help you get out of those awkward or scary situations when someone won’t stop talking to you.
  • Follow Me – A live GPS tracking feature that allows friends to view your location on a map. Your friends will even be notified when you arrive home safely.
  • Guardians – An SOS alarm with audio, video and timestamps to guardians.
  • Timer – A feature that alerts your friends that something is amiss if you haven’t arrived by the end of the timer.

This is a highly publicized app hat has been endorsed by celebrities and seen on everything from NBC news to Forbes and Tech Crunch.

2. React Mobile

ts that provide both an app and a physical button that can be clicked. The app allows you to send a silent SOS to groups, contacts or family members on your next walk.

Friends can also virtually walk with you thanks to the app’s:

  • SOS
  • Maps
  • Contacts

Alerts can be sent to your contacts or groups through Facebook, Twitter, email and text. You can also call 911. Real-time “follow me” features permit others to follow you on your next outing so that you’re never alone.

Timers can be set, too, that alert your selected contacts if you haven’t reached your desired location at a specified time.

The personal sidekick button acts much like a personal alarm that needs to be within 50 feet of your phone to work. You simply wear this device, it’s waterproof, and it will pair over Bluetooth to connect with your phone and apps.

3. StaySafe Smart Personal Safety

StaySafe is a smart personal safety app that is also available to keep workforces safe. The app uses location-based tracking and comes with a timer that counts down. Everything revolves around the timer that will track your location in real-time.

If the timer is trigged, an SMS or email is sent to emergency contacts along with your location and personal details.

Tracked sessions allow you to leave notes, so if you’re in a taxi, you can set a timer that also has a message that you’re in a taxi. You can also leave other notes, such as the driver’s name and registration number – anything you feel is vital to help someone find you if needed.

All you have to do is start the tracked session to stay safe.

The app will remind you five minutes before the timer is up that your session is about to expire. If you don’t check-in using your PIN, your emergency contacts will be notified with your location to help find you.

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